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Siva Juliet

Siva Juliet



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Our Most Popular Platform

We started with the Juliet, our best-selling model of all time for its sleek lines, smooth ride, and no-nonsense speed. A flip-flop hub comes standard so you can ride single-speed or fixed, dual water bottle bosses on the frame let you stay hydrated, and we carry over 100 parts and accessories that’ll fit, so the only limit to customization is your imagination.

Don’t Waste Watts

The Siva Atom converts your bike’s motion into electricity, so you’re not just the motor, you’re a generator! And thanks to the removable battery, the power you put into the pedals gets harnessed to breathe new life into dying electronics. Never worry about getting to the party with a dead phone again! Siva Juliet will get you wherever you’re going with speed, style, and plenty of juice.